Exceptional design starts by understanding a client’s requirements. We ask questions so as to better understand image, goals, audience, project parameters and desired outcomes. We will define the design problems and cultivate strategies to solve them effectively and memorably. We at Blue 7 Studios produce blueprints that map the user's experience in order to address any issues that might interfere with ongoing development.


During the design phase, Blue 7 begins the creative process required to begin developing the client’s website. Core choices about layout, type size and color palettes are tested along with a number of ideas to identify the best way to communicate goals and create an identity. This phase is a collaborative process that will involve client input in order to agree on a final design for the website.


The building process allows Blue 7 to tailor the functionality of a client’s project from the point-of-view of your visitors. It is our goal to apply a simplistic, modern, clean and effective interface that enables the viewer to easily navigate through the website. It is very important that the website translates from both desktop to mobile and tablet platforms without compromising functionality.


A client’s system will require content. Blue 7 will work with clients to ensure they are comfortable using and managing their new website. We will then deploy the website to the production-hosting server where a final pre-launch check will be conducted. Once launched, Blue 7 will be available to troubleshoot any of the clients’ needs or issues that they may have arisen with regards to the site and its performance.


Once a website is complete, it would be beneficial for the client and Blue 7 Studios to continue their working relationship so as to best facilitate website needs. Blue 7 Studios provides a number of services to help maintain a site, and continue to ensure that the client’s presence remains forefront in the current technology and web development world. We assist and guide a client’s choices on updating, enhancing, and keeping the site up-to-date with the latest technological routes.

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