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A web developer and graphic designer are professionals whom the client needs to trust, similar to one’s dentist, doctor, accountant and auto mechanic. The web developer and graphic designer are responsible for your company’s identity, and we at Blue 7 Studios take that responsibility seriously. Because we are a small firm, we can give personal attention in to creating an identity. We take the time to sit down with our clients, understand their business needs, internalize the aesthetics, and together, build a unique presence in the marketplace that defines or redefines your business identity.

We are creative and progressive by nature. We understand marketing. We understand design and functionality. For smaller and new start-up businesses, or larger well-established companies, we work within your budget and we will implement a design plan that suits your needs based on cost and business goals. Creating and launching a website can be exciting from start to finish. We work in phases while walking the client through the process compartmentalizing his or her needs based on short-term goals and budget. Designing a website is an investment; we at Blue 7 Studios understand how important this investment is to a company or business.

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Enhance your website with the proper marketing materials.

Blue 7 Studios can also assist in creating top-of-the line graphics, and print work which small businesses rely on to help create awareness. Marketing material is a staple with any company, whether it’s brochures, business cards, envelopes, letterheads; it’s imperative your brand is included on all your company’s materials. Below is a list of marketing tools that we can design, bringing your company’s visual presence to the next level. Please call us for pricing, and custom orders.